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Movement for misfits
Find YOUR fit.

Ever try yoga and hate it, but want to try again? Curious to try, but can’t touch your toes? Ever feel like a yoga misfit? Badass Yoga is for you. 

Badass Yoga doesn’t mean you’re ripped with abs and can put your feet behind your head for great pictures.

That pageantry is for other people. You can comfortably reject that stuff.

‘Cause you’re a badass.


Badass Yoga prioritizes function over form. It combines functional movement with the best that Yoga has to offer. Classes start where YOU are and use your own body’s strength to gently build more. Through thoughtful and deliberate movement and stillness, you'll find YOUR fit. 

Life's busy. Prioritizing ourselves shouldn't feel like an act of rebellion. Badass Yoga helps you look inward, without looking backward. 

Connect with your subtle senses and celebrate the miracle that you're here.

Or the fact you did Yoga today.


About adjustments

We get more out of figuring things out for ourselves. We get smarter when our brains map new movement in our bodies. For this reason, I don’t support physical adjustments. If the movement isn’t working, then we change the movement. Not you. 



This class facilitates more ease in functional day-to-day movement for the 9 to 5 set. Desk jockeys commonly experience shoulder pain, stiff wrists, and limited mobility from being in a chair shape most of the day. These classes introduce fluidity to your joints and tissues, easing the burden of sitting at a desk each day.

Lotus Pose


Who says ‘lazy’ is a bad word? Life’s busy. We get tired. Sometimes we just need to move through that. The lazy lady’s workout is designed for this. Using slow and specific smaller movements, you’ll work every muscle in your body. Movement is straightforward for beginners, with additional options layered on for less tired practitioners.  Practice involves some floor work on hands and knees, building to standing and balanced postures with modifications to support a spectrum of ambitions. 

* Men are welcome. But only the bravest, badass men.

Yoga Asana


Each class is centred around facilitating functional and hygienic movement, often building to a key peak posture or movement. Classes vary from junior badass (never tried yoga), to big badass (intermediate) and are tailored so everyone feels able and included regardless of experience, size or gender. Custom designed classes to support your specific goals – and help you find YOUR fit - are available.

Woman Stretching


This series, available for special events and small groups, combines my degree in Classical Studies with modern Yoga. Learn a bit of art history and participate in a Yoga class inspired by specific works of art. We'll explore themes centred around the human experience. Movement mixes functional movement with Hatha Yoga sequences and postures, tailored for beginner and intermediate practitioners. In these classes, art history meets the living art of Yoga.

Buddhist Sculpture Collection



For groups of 4-6 people in my home studio

$15 per 60 minute session
$20 per 90 minute session
$75 for 6-week sessions of hour-long classes


My name is Shareefa. And I am a Badass.

In truth, I’m a gentle soul. Creating and holding safe spaces where people feel comfortable is important to me, because in those safe spaces, the best that creativity has to offer can thrive. 

I’m a Badass because I do it all myself. I raise a child and run a household alone and I’ve succeeded in a 20 year corporate career. For me, Yoga has been a matter of sheer survival. Through my 200 hour Pranalife Yoga Teacher training I grew strength to overcome, and found a community of incredible Yogis with diverse talents and diverse practices.

My training has fostered in me a practice I need to share with others, to help people find their own inner strength, and to help them be their best selves.

"When I'm good I'm very good. But when I'm bad I'm better."

Mae West

Reversed Namaste


Inquire here about classes and upcoming programs.

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada